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雖然凍仁一直都有在看網路新聞,可真的看到這篇文章才真的發覺自己真的該存點錢買台Dell的Ubuntu Notebook..:P ,以下是凍仁自己翻的,翻的不好請多多包涵XD

點這個圖示連到article。如果你想更新Ubuntu為最新的版本「Feisty Fawn」,它將在4月19日釋出。如果你跟Dell買新電腦了話,記得問請他們給你空機 + 驅動光碟來代替 MS Windows,否則會付了Windows的稅金。


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Click on the icon to go to the article. If you're thinking of switching, Ubuntu's latest and greatest, code-named 「Feisty Fawn」, will be rolling out on April 19th. And if you're buying a new computer from some dealer like DELL, remember that you have to ask them explicitly to give you a blank hard drive instead of MS Windows. Otherwise, you pay the Windows tax.

See the Ubuntu link on the blogroll for details.

Wesley Cooper - CBC discovers Linux


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